Foooty – The Ball That Fits Every Pocket

FOOOTY – Create and Play!

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FOOOTY is the ball that you can take anywhere!

The FOOOTY is a unique patented 2D construction element that enables you to create 3D shapes.The elements can be connected with the smart click system.

FOOOTY was developed by a guy who was sick and tired of buying a new football every-time he went on holidays with his kids. Using a simple lego-like connecting system, he created a ball that kids can take anywhere!

That’s not all you can create either. Rugby Ball? Check. Frisbee? Check. Juggling balls, rockets and stars? All possible. Let your imagination go crazy. You can even mix and match colours for the ultimate looking football. Take it to the park on your BMX in your back pocket.

So how does it work? Check out the YouTube video below. Kid’s love YouTube and there’s a plethora of creative and inspiring videos out there!


Whats in the box? 10 Clickable elements, instruction manual and handy elastic band.

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Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow


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